Review #10 | The List by Patricia Forde


cover104457-mediumRating: ★★☆☆☆| Read April 11 – 12

Expected Release Date: August 1st

Advanced Reader’s Copy given to me by Netgalley.

In the city of Ark, speech is constrained to five hundred sanctioned words. Speak outside the approved lexicon and face banishment. The exceptions are the Wordsmith and his apprentice Letta, the keepers and archivists of all language in their post-apocalyptic, neo-medieval world.

On the death of her master, Letta is suddenly promoted to Wordsmith, charged with collecting and saving words. But when she uncovers a sinister plan to suppress language and rob Ark’s citizens of their power of speech, she realizes that it’s up to her to save not only words, but culture itself.


What I Liked:

♡ The whole concept of having a limited amount of speech and having to pay for your own words was interesting.

♡ While reading I had flashbacks to reading The Giver for the first time, that was nice. The two stories fell so similar.

♡ No romance! Just platonic friendship! (At times it did feel like a romance, but in my opinion it was more platonic than anything)

What I Didn’t Like:

♡ It wasn’t anything too original. It was enjoyable, not definitely not unique.

♡ I went into this thinking The List was YA. I was expecting better quality writing, that’s more my fault than the book’s but this is clearly middle grade. Based on the writing alone. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, my expectations were too high.

♡ Everything was so predictable. Main character finds herself in trouble? Don’t worry, the problem will be solved in a few pages. Somehow her friends are always there to save the day right when she needs them.

♡ I found the beginning and the ending both interesting but found myself bored in between. I admit, I might’ve skimmed a few chapters. I really did want to continue reading, see what was going to happen so that’s a plus.

♡ The open ending didn’t work for me. There were just too many things left unanswered. If it were just a couple, that would be fine but I felt like there so much more I wanted to know.

Do I Recommend? If you’re looking for a dystopian middle grade that doesn’t require much thought, sure! …but I’m sure you could find something better if you were to look.



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