Review #13 | How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake



Rating: ★★★☆☆½ | Read May 1 – 3

Grace, tough and wise, has nearly given up on wishes, thanks to a childhood spent with her unpredictable, larger-than-life mother. But this summer, Grace meets Eva, a girl who believes in dreams, despite her own difficult circumstances. 

      One fateful evening, Eva climbs through a window in Grace’s room, setting off a chain of stolen nights on the beach. When Eva tells Grace that she likes girls, Grace’s world opens up and she begins to believe in happiness again.        How to Make a Wish is an emotionally charged portrait of a mother and daughter’s relationship and a heartfelt story about two girls who find each other at the exact right time.

Trigger Warning for emotional abuse and sexual assault that was implied.

My Thoughts:

♡ Holy hell this book is heartbreaking. We follow Grace who is going through emotional turmoil between family and relationships in her life. Featuring a main character who identifies as bisexual and a love interest who is biracial and who identifies as lesbian, this book is a new one for me. I haven’t read many books featuring a W/W relationship so I’m so happy I had the chance to pick this one up.

♡ Going into this I really expected a cute, fluffy contemporary. Probably shouldn’t have done that. How to Make a Wish is a cute, soft and quiet read, but it’s definitely not fluffy.

♡ The relationship between Grace and her mom hit me hard. Not only did I find myself relating but Grace’s actions and feelings towards her mother felt so real. From hate to love in a matter of a few sentences. While that back and forth did get a little annoying after awhile, about halfway through the novel, it still felt real. It felt heartbreaking.

♡ Eva, the love interest, has recently lost her mother and has moved into town. I fell for her character, she’s a lovely character. Along with Luca, Grace’s best friend, this story was filled with pretty great side characters.

♡ Blake’s writing was fast-paced and everything they wrote felt necessary. It didn’t feel like anything didn’t belong. Every element of the story was needed for the plot to grow, if that makes any sense at all. My point is, I liked Blake’s writing style.

♡ There wasn’t any backlash for the main character sexuality, from what I picked up anyway. I may have missed something but as far as I could tell everyone was supportive and that was really nice to see in a YA novel.

♡ I do have a love for this book, despite giving it 3.5 stars. I think there are people out there who will really need this book and I’m ecstatic that Blake gave it to us.

♡ I don’t think I read this at the write time, if I had I might have given it a higher rating. I just really liked this book and a think my rating is accurate. I might reread this in the next year or so when I’m in the right mood. How to Make a Wish is definitely a book you have to be in a mood for.

Do I Recommend? Hell yes. This book is full of representation and I think a lot of people will find some part of themselves in these pages. I know I did. I know a lot of people who will love this book and I’m definitely going to shove this book at them, as for everyone else who might need this novel, I really hope it get’s into their hands.



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