Review #28 | The Grave Tender by Eliza Maxwell


34337273Read June 28 – 29 | Rating: ★★★★☆


Endless questions from a shadow-filled East Texas childhood haunt Hadley Dixon. People said her mother, Winnie, was never quite right, but with one single, irreparable act, life as Hadley knew it was shattered. The aftershocks of that moonlit night left her reeling, but the secrets and lies had started long before.

When a widowed and pregnant Hadley returns years later, it’s not the safe harbor she expects. The mysteries surrounding a local boy’s disappearance remain, and the townspeople still whisper about Hadley’s strange and reclusive Uncle Eli—whispers about a monster in their midst.

But Hadley’s father and grandmother, the cornerstones of everything safe in her world, avoid her questions. If Hadley stays here, will she be giving her children the family they need, or putting their lives in danger?

The hunt for answers takes a determined Hadley deep into the pine forests, in search of sunlight that will break through the canopy of lies long enough to reveal the truth.

Disclaimer that it is currently late at night when I’m writing this and I’m trying my best. I’m going to defeat this blogging slump even if I have to write shitty reviews in order to do it.

My Thoughts:

♡ First off, I really loved Maxwell’s writing style. It was simple and got the point across without any unnecessary plot fillers. This would make a great movie, I feel like the script is already there, you can easily tell this story in two hours with a film. Does that make sense?

♡ The characters were all great, I liked their stories and learning were each came from early in life. I also did not see that plot twist coming. I don’t know if it was because I was flying through this novel and wasn’t paying attention to all the clues leading up to it. Either way, I really liked this one.

♡ This book gives a new meaning to dark fiction, be aware if you are interested in going into this one that there is talk of rape, abuse, and grief. It’s not necessarily shown but it does go into a little detail. Be careful if these topic do affect you, please. Maxwell told a beautiful story about a girl and her family, their dark twisted past and how that will affect them in the present. The topics in this novel were not easy to get through but by the end it was all worth the anxiety and the few tears.

♡ The back and forth from past to present was a little much at times, I’m not a fan of this to begin with so when I say that the transitions from one to another were lacking, that’s probably my opinion alone.

♡ I’m not sure if this was Maxwell’s debut novel but if so, wow I can’t wait to see how her writing and storytelling improves from here. I know all writing can improve over time but goodness they have set the bar pretty high in my opinion. I can’t wait to read whatever she releases next. EDIT: This was their debut and they have recently released another novel. I’m getting my hands on this one ASAP.

♡ In review of my review, I loved the writing, the characters, and the storytelling itself. Maxwell’s writing was phenomenal and I appreciate how to told this hard hitting story in such a fast paced novel. The only negative with this one is that I did not like the transitions from past to present.

Have you read this one or any other Eliza Maxwell novels? Let me know! I would love to know what you thought. Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!



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