July Wrap Up

I'm honestly relieved this month is finally over, with so much stress and a reading/blog slump to go along with it, I couldn't wait for a new start aka August. I didn't read much but like most months, I read more than I thought I did. These last two weeks I read and blogged absolutely … Continue reading July Wrap Up


May 2017 Wrap Up

May was a complicated reading month... I fell into both a reading and blogging slump about mid-May and that lasted until two days ago. That was rough. Now I'm back and hopefully here to stay for a while! Despite not reading for half the month I still somehow managed to read 12 novels and 3 … Continue reading May 2017 Wrap Up

April 2017 Wrap Up

Another month has passed, very quickly I must say, so here we are with another monthly wrap up. I read most of these books earlier in the month, I was flying through them. Then work got in the way and I didn't have as much time or motivation to read. I am happy with what … Continue reading April 2017 Wrap Up


March 2017 Wrap Up

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to do my first ever Wrap Up for the month of March! I wouldn't say March was my best reading month of the year so far but looking back I can say I read way more than I thought! If you would like to see what I read in January … Continue reading March 2017 Wrap Up